Sep 18

Get thee to pen and paper

All's well

All's well that ends well

I can always count on NPR to run stories like this one, which reaffirm my faith that us Lit geeks are not dying out completely. Have you ever pondered how many common sayings we owe to the Bard? Besides being an entertaining diversion—check out this bit of fun from our friends at Oxford to see how Shakespearian you are—there are so many reasons to love this story. A 20-year-old Shakespeare fan is an obvious one, but her penchant for using a notebook is endearing (Moleskines rule by the way). What really makes me smile though is the fact that she posted the page on Tumblr and thousands of people saved it in their favorites file. How awesome is that? The fact that a page in a notebook can go viral overnight is cool on so many levels. Perhaps the gulf between the internets and good old pen and paper isn’t so vast after all.

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